Derek & Liz        St. Mary's, MD

Corey & Katelyn      Middletown, MD

Alex & Jerusalem        Leesburg, VA

Ryan & Jeremy          Annapolis, MD

Kenneth & Jenn        Harper's Ferry, WV


When I walk into a room, I search for the details.

I wait for those tiny, precious moments that usually go unnoticed.

The welling eyes of a father, giving his daughter away.

That immediate reaction of the groom's face when his bride slowly starts walking towards him.

The overwhelming joy of your grandparent written all over that smile.

A mother holding her son tight during their first dance - knowing her baby boy is now a husband.

Then, I see you take a step back at the reception to try and soak it all in.

You were told that this day would come and go in a blink of an eye - to try and savor every second of it.

That's where I can help.

To preserve every moment so you can relive one of your happiest days over and over again.